Day Four – Fishing for the big one

After a wonderfully sound sleep I got up in time to photograph the sun rising up over the tumbled-down lighthouse.  I love the early-morning light and the long shadows it throws.

Yoga on the beach with Andrea followed by another great breakfast.  This time we had poached eggs with biscuits and gravy – delicious.  And I am really into the fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice.

Today we went fishing with James and Jasmine.  We used just line with a three-inch metal rod knotted on it as sinker.  Standing up in the boat and tossing the line after a careful swing worked best.   I just kept pulling in the fish – a number of grunts, a porgie, a snapper and I don’t know what else.  Glenn, Susan and Rick pulled in some beautiful trigger fish but we threw them back.  We kept the rest for supper.  Rick caught a shark sucker that was following an eagle manta ray.  It’s a very strange looking fish with suckers on its back.  When Glenn dropped it on the floor of the boat it landed sucker side down and he had a heck of a time pulling it off.  I really enjoyed the fishing.


After yet another great lunch we went snorkeling off the West Beach with Tzak.  We saw a stingray and a lot of coral and fish.  It is so beautiful underwater.

Happy hour with beer and pina colodas followed by a trek down to the beach to watch the cleaning of the day’s catch.  The afternoon fishing group caught two barracuda and a big grouper.  Seven nurse sharks arrived for the spoils.  They crowded in so close they were nearly ashore.  You could hear the sucking as they vacuumed up the droppings.  One even sucked Marilyn’s flipflop off her foot.  Their skin was a combination of rough and smooth to the touch – strange but kind of exciting to reach out and touch the back of a shark.


Supper was our fish cooked in a coconut sauce that was out of this world.

After supper Luke gave a talk on coral (with lots of help from Adam).

Another wonderful day.

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