Day Three – Kayak Sailing and Conch snacks on Long Caye

After a very windy night with the window flaps crashing against the side of the tent all night we learned to roll them up before lights out.

I love yoga on the beach. And every morning we arrive at our spot to find it has been raked into a meditative circle. Who does this? We are here by 6:30 and yet it has already been raked.

Breakfast was another glorious meal – homemade tacos with eggs, sausage beans and fruit. Usually we get papaya and watermelon with fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice.

We piled into kayaks, this time with a sail to go across to Long Caye – an island visible in the distance off to the west. Double kayaks with the sail were each paired with a single kayak (called the barnacle). The front person (in our case Nayla) and the single kayaker (Sandy) hang onto the two kayaks while the stern of the double (me) manages the sail and the rudder. It took a bit of finagling to get the hang of it, but once we did we took off and sailed across the water like pros. It took about an hour to make the crossing and quite a bit of stamina, but we managed to beat the pack and were lounging on the beach before the others even landed.


Once everyone was on shore, we piled onto a motorboat and headed for the”wall” – a coral reef ledge that was packed with fish and coral of all kinds and dropped off steeply on one side. We snorkeled the wall for at least an hour then headed back to shore for lunch.

Tzak caught some conch and marinated it with lime, cumin and some hot sauce. It was really delicious and a great appetizer to start off lunch.

Half the group decided to return by kayak and the other half (of which I was one) lazed around in hammocks or checked out the surroundings while the boat took the other half of the kayaks back to Blue Moon Caye. There was a lodge on the island (much bigger than our island) down the beach from where we had landed. I only checked out the washrooms and was quite content to wait out the boat’s return in a hammock.


Back on our lovely paradise island we enjoyed gin and tonics and a late game of coconut bocce by flashlight followed by yet another wonderful meal.

The activity board quickly filled up with names for the next day and then we all headed off to our tents.


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