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So it is almost a week since I got home and I am still working on the jet-lag. I crash into bed at night but have been waking up around 1 or 2 and then unable to get back to sleep. I keep telling myself this will pass.

The plane from Bangkok to Hong Kong was delayed about an hour which gave me time to peruse the Swatch store for a new watch. With Dawne’s help and Dave’s encouragement I finally made my choice. I am so excited!

The flight from HongKong to Toronto was a killer. I longingly checked out those beautiful pods in first class as I and the other plebes trundled by. Economy on a fifteen hour flight is pretty torturous – especially if you are above average in size. But I survived and came home to find my daughter and new grandson at home waiting for me.

I highly recommend a visit to Vietnam and Cambodia. I think my biggest take-away from this trip is the filling in of the many gaps in my historical knowledge of the area during this past century. The people are lovely and surprisingly not bitter towards people from the west. Their food is delicious. I found their architecture filled with whimsical touches – a roof would often be embellished with swirly tails – ostensibly guarding the occupants. Like Peru and Bolivia, the countries are not wealthy, so infrastructure could use some help. The most obvious is the waste along the roadways – mostly plastic bottles and bags. This is a problem all over and we need a global solution.

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