We were up early to hit the road for Thailand. A 2-3 hr drive before we got to the border but then the fun began. We got through the Cambodian side quite easily. We all had our paperwork ready and the Cambodian authorities processed us quickly. But then we had to walk about 100 metres in the hot sun to the Thai processing section. That’s when the waiting began. Bun had never seen such crowds and when he looked into it he was told that it was people coming back from celebrating the Cambodian New Year – but that was 10 days ago. Who knows? Anyway we waited in the broiling heat for ages before we were allowed to go upstairs to the processing level. There must have been 500 people up there sweltering away and we were at the end of the line. After at least two maybe more hours of waiting there, someone decided our group (as well as some other foreigners) could be moved to another area. This proved to have a somewhat faster line and somewhat better fans. About another hour later and we were all through the Thai border security. What a bizarre situation!

We loaded onto two smaller air-conditioned well-equipped and comfortable vans and headed out for another three hours drive to Bangkok. Right from the start it was obvious we were in a much more wealthy country than the last two we had been travelling through. We were on a dual carriage-way with a speed limit of 120 kph. Houses along the route were much more modern than those in Cambodia. We even had a rest stop at a 7-11.

The hotel is well equipped though I wouldn’t say it is any nicer than most of the hotels we have been staying in. The city of Bangkok is huge with towering modern skyscrapers. We are right across from the railway station. The lobby is on the 12th floor and you have a lovely view of part of the downtown area from the patio off the lobby.

After we settled in Bun took us out for supper to a restaurant across the street. I had the Pad Thai with shrimp as he recommended and I really enjoyed it. Back to the hotel to end the night with a Long Island Iced Tea and Dawne regaling the group with stories of crazy teacher antics.

Tomorrow Vikesh and Paras will leave us to head home to Britain after four months of travelling. Hard to believe this trip is coming to an end.

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