Preparing for Nepal

I’m heading off to Kathmandu, Nepal on a Leave for Change project in July.

Uniterra, a joint initiative of WUSC (World University Service of Canada) and CECI (Centre for International Studies and Cooperation) offers a program, Leave for Change, which enables organizations and their employees in Canada the opportunity to help reduce poverty by working towards achieving the UN Millenium Development Goals. Employees of the participating organizations volunteer their holidays along with their technical skills and experience to short-term (two to three weeks) international assignments. The employer contributes to the pre-departure training and some of the logistical costs, while Uniterra (through funding from CIDA) covers the rest. Uniterra carries out the volunteer selection, training and project matching as well as host country support for the volunteers.

I have always been fascinated by Nepal so I’m looking forward to experiencing it first-hand. I will be working for a micro-finance group helping them to organize their electronic resources. Anyone who has seen my desk at work will agree that I am an unlikely candidate for organizing files, but it is never too late to mend my ways. Luckily I work with a number of well-organized people and I have been studying their methods since I learned about this project. Hopefully I will actually be able to help the Centre for Micro-Finance.



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  1. ruth slavin

    good blog-start Sue.

  2. ruth slavin

    I think you should put on a photo of yourself. What about the one I took of you in the canoe on the Grand? Can’t see your eyes, but it’s better than not seeing you at all. I’ll email it to you so you can think about it.

  3. glenn white

    Sue – blog looks good…

    Do you take Nepal trip photo requests?
    – a photo of you hiking, ala the Grand Canyon style, although with Mount Everest in the background rather than the Colorado River, Calfornia condor, etc…
    – a photo of someone paddling / rafting one of those wild Whitwater rivers in the mountain area of Nepal ??
    – do we get to see real time posts of pics on your blog?

  4. Pearl

    Still no picture of you.????

    • Sue

      Sorry Pearl… I’ve been meaning to update this blog but I’ve been busy getting ready for the trip. I will try and get at that this week.

  5. Jasmine

    Blog on, blogger! Agreed that the only thing missing is a pic… just emailed you one of you canoeing with the dawgs (and their lame-but-cute life jackets)

  6. Sandra Sabatini

    Wahooo!!!! I will miss you, Sue, but I’m so glad about the blog! Will be tracking the weather and keeping you informed! love, Sandy

  7. Vicki Hodgkinson

    Great start to the blog, Sue!! Looks great. Although I support the suggestion of adding a photo of you! (I am also curious about the shot of your canoe adventures. Is this of Barron Canyon, Algonquin Park by any chance?)

    Can’t wait to read your posts!

    • Sue

      Thanks Vicki. And yes that is Barron Canyon. On close inspection you will actually see me in that picture. I have now added another picture also in Algonquin Park but this time on the east side at Rain Lake. I have to admit, though, it was taken a few years ago.

  8. quiet

    Repeat after me: Meero name whitewater ho 🙂

    Hello, our Sherpa. While you are away, I’m redoing the menu for our trip (wait, did we do a menu?) and assigning you momos and Rikikul with yak butter, ok? So study up while there!

    I am sure Chip and RunningBear would agree that we hope you have a safe but also crazy fun experience and come back with fireside stories for us.

    – firefly

  9. Nancy

    What a great idea! I love the pictures. Have a fantastic trip and we’ll plan a visit when you get back!!
    love, Nancy

  10. Pearl

    I love the picture of you and the boys.
    I cannot believe you have been gone for almost a week already. I hope you are having a great time and not workign too hard.
    Pearl ox

    • Sue

      I’m having a blast Pearl. I was thinking of you tonight as I made my way alone down a dark street home after walking Anne Burnside back to her place. You might not have been keen on that part of it, but you would love the site-seeing. There is way too much here for me to see before I head back so I’ve been talking to the more experienced volunteers to pick just the best couple of things to do. Kinda like what you and I do at a conference, eh?

      Sue xxoo

  11. Pearl

    I know why you were thinking of me…..
    You promised not to do anything dangerous.. Right!!
    You be careful and think of me often, even if it is just to keep you on the straight and narrow.
    I am glad you are having a great time.
    How is the work part going, is it what you had thought it would be.
    We have rain again today, it is the truck show in fergus this weekend too, so it does not look too good for them.
    Enjoy your days and talk again soon, Pearl xo

    • Sue

      Hey Pearl

      So far I haven’t done anything dangerous – relatively speaking. Just walking down the street is dangerous here, but then everyone does it and dodging cars and motorcycles becomes an art. I’m working on developing a talent in that department. The work part is going well. So far we have been able to overcome most of the minor obstacles. I’ll pray the truck show stays dry and you pray the clouds lift so I can get a glimpse of Everest tomorrow when I go to Nagarkot.


  12. Pearl

    Hi Susan, Good girl!!
    Glad the work is going well, I am sure you will make a difference for them.
    It has not been good for the truck show but it could have been worse, not steady rain, just thunder showers off and on all day again. Looks like we will not bother going up this year.
    Hope you get some good pictures of Everest tomorrow so that I can enjoy some of your trip when you get back. I cannot believe you are into your second week already. Enjoy!!
    Talk again soon,
    Pearl xo

  13. Pearl

    Hi Susan, How was Everest?
    Did the clouds lift so that you could see it.
    We had terrible weather over the weekend, many many severe thunder storms in the Southern Ontario area. Lotsa rain!!
    Hope you are keeping busy and enjoying your stay.
    Pearl xo