Day Seven – goodbye Half-Moon Caye and hello Crooked Tree

Our last day on the island and my last yoga session on the beach.  I really do have to work on my balance.  The tree pose is killing me.

After breakfast we cleaned up the tents and started packing up.  We still had the morning so I joined Julia and Rick, Sandy and Brett, Anne and Connie and Luke for a kayak expedition.  We headed first for the rusty hulk of a forty-year old wreck stuck on the reef less than a kilometre from the island.  It had been carrying fertilizer and I don’t think it was ever salvaged.  So I wonder what happened to the cargo?  We paddled from the wreck around the tip of the island towards the old tumble-down lighthouse and then back again.  We cleaned up the kayaks and made them ready for the next batch of vacationers then headed up to the tents to finish packing.

Our last lunch was followed with heartfelt goodbyes to the staff.  What a wonderful group of people!

The boat was packed and we headed back to Belize City where we were loaded into vans which took us north to the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary on a shallow lagoon less than an hour from the city.  It is a beautiful place filled with birds and flowers.  Some of the birds sighted:  hummingbirds, jabiru storks, snail kites, limpkins, heron, ibis, egrets, roseate spoonbills.

The lodge was lovely with bathrooms for each room and comfortable beds but the food didn’t hold a candle to the meals we had on Half-Moon Caye.


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