Day Six – Fishing again and a Turtle sighting

I skipped yoga this morning to go fishing with Marilyn and Brett guided by Dayton and James.  We powerboated out along the eastern side of the breakwater reef towards the Blue Hole.  As soon as I laid my line I got a strike and hauled in a barracuda.  After that I had to give over to Marilyn and Brett who trawled for a long time before finally catching anything.  But they certainly caught some nice barracuda.  Marilyn pulled in one and Brett two – each bigger than the last.  There were a lot of oohs and aahs when we got back with the catch.





Breakfast was French toast made with thick home-made bread.  Wonderful!

After breakfast Andrea took Marcia and I for a paddleboard lesson.  I am definitely balance-challenged.  Before long I defected and headed for shore but Marcia mastered the art and paddled around with Andrea for quite a while.  At least I tried.

I relaxed until lunch which was stupendous yet again.

In the afternoon a group of us went snorkeling from the old lighthouse to just before the line of tents.  It was my first time snorkeling on that side of the island and I actually saw a swimming turtle!  The snorkeling pace was a bit slower than other days and I quite enjoyed meandering after the beautiful fish.  I even saw a lobster.  Tzak was with us and he saw a reef shark (which I missed) and killed another lionfish (which I didn’t miss).

Before supper I joined a group for a night snorkel.  We all carried underwater flashlights.  We were partnered up but my partner tended to do her own thing so I lost track of her early on.  It is a bit scarey when you can’t see the others’ flashlights.  I did see a moray eel as well as the same three-footed turtle the others saw last night.  At the end of the snorkel we all stood in a sandy spot, turned out our flashlights and shuffled our feet.  The bio-luminescence from small creatures in the sand made it seem that the starry sky was repeated at our feet.

Back for a supper of the barracuda we had caught that morning.  So now we are feeding the gang!

After supper Amelia gave a talk on her culture (Sarawak and African and ??).  She talked about the creole language and its history.  The night ended with drumming and dancing all around.

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