Day Two – Snorkelling and Coconut Bocce

We started early with yoga on the beach near the docks. Waves lapping, wind in the palms and birds calling overhead. Could it get any better? Andrea is a great yoga teacher – gently encouraging. And as we lay in the final corpse pose she comes round to give our necks a gentle straighten and our feet a tender massage. The tree pose will always be my nemesis I think.


After a wonderful breakfast of local fruits and eggs we organized ourselves into two groups for a day of snorkelling. Before we were sent off one group to the west side and the other to the north-east, we were given a run-down on snorkelling techniques and safety. They really are very thorough.

The snorkelling was incredible. It was overwhelming seeing all the varieties of fish and coral. I tried hard to recognize and remember the fish from my guidebook but it was fish overload! We did see a moray eel hiding in the coral and that one I remember very clearly. There were so many beautiful parrot fish – I think they are my favourite – but until I looked at my book afterwards I wasn’t sure what all I was seeing. I found I had a bit of trouble keeping up with our guides and the information they were feeding us. But the sights were incredible.

After more than an hour of snorkelling we went back to basecamp to relax and gorge ourselves on a wonderful lunch.

Glenn and Marilyn had checked out the bird sanctuary in the morning while I was doing yoga so I asked them to show me after lunch. We trekked down the path to the west end of the island avoiding iguanas basking in the sun. The trail led to a rickety looking platform atop a steep set of stairs. Once up there you can look out at the treetops and a sea of frigates and red-footed boobies at every age from fluffy white baby boobies to full-grown adults. It was an incredible sight. There must have been hundreds of noisy birds in those trees. It was quite the party with male frigates puffing up their red breasts to impress the females and intimidate the other males. The boobies didn’t seemed bothered by the frigates at all.


In the afternoon it was another round of snorkelling but the two groups switched around. We had started in the west so this time headed for the north-east section to snorkel. Again the number of fish and coral varieties was amazing. I am starting to recognize angel fish as well as the parrot fish.

After a rinse down in the outdoor shower by our tents, we gathered for happy hour gin and tonics and a game of coconut bocce. Marilyn turned out to have a knack for tossing a coconut. The gin and tonic in one hand and the coconut in the other hand seemed to work as a powerful combination.

After another wonderful meal, we were given a talk by the Audobon Society rep who works on the island and is custodian of the World Heritage Site bird sanctuary – home of the Red-Footed Booby. He also talked about the nearby Blue Hole of Jacques Cousteau fame which has also been designated a World Heritage site.  We will be visiting that to snorkel in a couple of days.

The kerosene lamp beckoned in tent number 10 as I made my weary way to bed.


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